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What to Expect

Expect to be loved. The one thing that almost everyone who visits The Lord’s Church of Asheville says is that we are a loving church. During the meet and greet time it is not uncommon for folk to move around the church for five or ten minutes greeting each other. Everyone is welcome; everyone is loved.

You can expect to experience God. Everything about the worship service is designed to help each person draw closer to God. The music is lively and God-centered. Because we have a diverse congregation, we have diversity in our musical selections. We sing hymns, praise songs, contemporary gospel, some of the “good ole fashion, foot stomping, tambourine-banging gospel songs,” and any other genre of music that brings glory to God. We believe that we were created to worship God. The congregation sings along as the combined praise and worship team and choir lead us in worship.

We are also a family friendly church. The children sit with their parents for the first half of the service. Then, when it’s time for the sermon they are dismissed for Children’s Church, where they receive Biblical instruction on their level. Pastors Jerome and Ruletta are both educators who work with children and youth on a daily basis in the public school system. They are acutely aware of the needs of the younger generation and have made children and youth ministry a priority at TLC-Asheville.

The Lord’s Church of Asheville is a Bible believing church. Pastor Jerome and the other ministers teach truth from the Word of God. The teaching is very practical. You’ll leave church knowing what God said, what he meant, and how to apply what you have learned to your daily life. Pastor Jerome is probably best known for his many illustrations and stories which bring the Word to life.

Lastly, you can expect to be in fellowship at a diverse church. We don’t specialize in ministering to one particular group of people. Instead, we embrace every man, woman, and child with the love of God.