Church Vision
As we worship God, study the Bible, pray, and fast, we will:


Equip people of every race to walk in the love of God by creating an environment where people worship God freely, study the Bible and pray daily, and fast regularly.

Experience God’s love in our families, friendships, and church by applying Intimate Life principles to our vital relationships.

Evangelize the lost by sharing the message of salvation through Jesus Christ, baptizing those who repent soon after their born again experience.

Educate and equip the believer for abundant, victorious Christian living by offering a process for systematic growth in five key areas: worship, ministry, evangelism, discipleship, and fellowship.

Embrace every man, woman and child with the love of God by serving in the community and doing everything we can to support our children so that they will succeed in life.

Extend loving arms to those who want to join the church by welcoming over 5,000 members into our church family—people from all walks of life who learn together, laugh together, and grow together.

Establish a presence in the Asheville community by purchasing fifty acres of land (or more), on which we will build a worship center seating thousands, a chapel, a family center, a fellowship hall, a recreation center, a printing press, an office wing, a counseling and prayer center, a K-12 school, and a Bible College.