New Here?

Jesus. Bible-Believing. Loving. Caring. Encouragement. Educational. Up lifting. Family-friendly. Diverse. Worship. Excitement. Prayer and Fasting. ..

These are just a few words that begin to describe the loving atmosphere of The Lord’s Church of Asheville (TLC-Asheville).

The desire of our church is to equip people of every race to walk in the love of God. God showed us how much he loves us by sending Jesus Christ to die on the cross for our sins. Everything that we do as a church—every song we sing, every way that we serve in the community, every children and youth event, every sermon, every Bible Study, every Real Love Conference for married couples and singles—is as a result of God’s great unconditional love for us. God’s love is amazing, and we seek to share his love at home, work, in the community, in our church, and everywhere we go.

At TLC, we give everyone tender loving care (tlc). Everyone is welcome. Everyone is loved. Everyone is someone at TLC. If you are looking for a loving, Bible-believing church, please know that our hearts and arms are open to you.